Yellin’ from the Rooftops…Yellena!

Image provided by Giant Robot from Periphery show of Yellena James’ work

Holy Crapoly! Yellena James is on fire. I have been following Yellena’s work for a while now, but when I started researching her more for this post, I was blown away by all that I found. This girl is busting her butt with a bunch of shows on the West Coast. Recently, she finished up a solo show at Giant Robot San Francisco, entitled Periphery; participated in a group show at The Nucleus Gallery entitled La Femme; Another show atGR2 in Los Angeles called Suggestion Box; and is in a show at Life & Limb in Portland that just opened last Friday!

1. Flare Print from Yellena James 2. No Name Parade from Yellena James

3. Magic from Yellena James 4. Lush from Yellena James 5. Someday from Yellena James

Yellena is truly one of my favorite artists right now. The way she incorporates botanicals with geometric pattern is top notch. And I just love the bold color palette! For more from Yellena James, visit her website, shop, or blog.

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