Ladies and Gentlemen…Michael Dotson

1. Double Diving Holes by Michael Dotson 2. Bunk Stadium by Michael Dotson

It is now officially clear to me that I have an obsession with pattern and repetition when it comes to artwork (and otherwise).  My next artist feature, Michael Dotson is another prime example of this obsession. Michael contacted me about a week ago to introduce his work and I immediately fell for for his graphic imagery (that of course had hints of pattern hidden away in every piece). My favorite piece is #1, but honestly I did not come across any work on his website that I didn’t like. If you don’t believe me, visit his website and see for yourself.

3. Dreamhouse #1 by Michael Dotson 4. Rainbow Track by Michael Dotson 5. Race Track by Michael Dotson

Dotson, who currently lives in Washington DC, has said that one of the main influences of his work is fashion (the other being architecture). And I have to say if Dotson’s paintings were a Project Runway character, they would definitely be Blayne (who is one of my favs from the show- he is so crazy) because of his bold color choices and his clear ability to do anything but bore audiences. But Michael’s work is more than just colorful eye candy; its also a powerful mix of the imagination and a distorted reality, in a land where rainbows abound amongst architectural details.

6 and 7. Untitled from BFA Show by Michael Dotson

These last two are shots of an installation that Dotson created. I really enjoy the playful side of this piece and appreciate the visual link between his 3-D work and his 2-D imagery. For more from Michael Dotson, click here to visit his website.

3 Responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen…Michael Dotson”
  1. melroska says:

    i love the installation shots! Very cool.

  2. Jenny says:

    So cool!

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