Love One World Zero

1. The Wise Owl Stuffie 2. Guess the Organism- Tote Bag Purse 3. Mod Heart Pillows 4. Black and White Graphic Folded Clutch 5. Detail of Kokeshi Spoll Dolls

As you can see, Love One World Zero makes adorable goods that range from pillows (you know I love pillows) and bags to hand-painted knitting needles and mini wooden dolls. I love the fabric Renee chooses for the bags and clutches she makes. And what about those Kokeshi Spool Dolls? Such a cute toy or decorative item. Don’t you think? My favorite product is #4 in the round-up. The simplicity of this clutch makes it so versatile. 

6. Doll Face Hand Crafted Knitting Needles 7. Folded Patchwork Clutch

Renee has a blog in addition to her shop that you should visit to keep up to date with what is happening in the Love One World Zero shop and other Etsy shop and indie designers. To visit the Love One World Zero, click here.


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