Beautiful Stitches

Image c/o Joetta Maue Joetta Maue’s embroidery work is awesome! I just love the way stitched text looks. The above image is Hooped Words. It kind of reminds me of a series of sculptural, fabric, wall-hangings that I did a while back. But, I digress. For more from Joetta Maue, click here to visit her site. Advertisements

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday, when I was reading through my RSS feed, I read something really cool that Oh Happy Day has come up with. It’s called the Pretty Little Things Club. Here is how it works. First you buy a subscription to the PLT Club right here. Then every month Oh Happy Day will send you a pretty … Continue reading

Mobile Maniac

Hex Mobiles from Wallter I have always enjoyed the idea of mobiles and I am now convinced that I love anything and everything with a a hexagon shape. I came across the Wallter shop many months ago and have had it bookmarked ever since. Wallter has a great selection of mobiles right now, with 5 different … Continue reading

Art for Obama

UPDATED: I am not going to go into politics, but for those that will be supporting Obama in this extremely important election, I just found out about a really great fundraiser! It is an auction that will feature the work of some extremely talented artists. Here’s a little about the auction: ART FOR OBAMA is … Continue reading

Photo Transfer Tutorial

There is an EXCELLENT photo transfer tutorial on Hollis Brown Thornton. It is extremely detailed with tons of pictures. Go check it out!

Blog of the Week

I just found the My Love for You blog a week or so ago, and it is already in my top 3 blogs. I REALLY love this one! After finding the My Love blog for the first time through another blog (sorry, I can’t remember which one because I read so many), I browsed around … Continue reading

Paper N Stitch Giveaway

The first ever Paper N Stitch giveaway is here! To celebrate our 200th post AND the upcoming launch of Paper N Stitch the website, I am giving away artwork to not one, but two lucky winners. So, what will you win? Each winner will receive a package with 2 small, signed and numbered etchings, 1 … Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Well, as much as I try to fight it, I just can’t do it all at the moment. So, I won’t be posting anything else today. But I wanted to say Happy Friday to everyone! I promise things we will be back to normal by Monday.  The official invites are going out this weekend for the Paper … Continue reading

Janice Jong

1 Dollar Store and Bella’s Cafe (both by Janice J) These colorful prints from UK artist, Janice J, are the perfect (and affordable) solution to humdrum walls. The combination of line and color creates dynamic imagery that is influenced by various forms of architecture: from the mundane to the spectacular. For more from Janice J, click … Continue reading

Fantastic Font

1. You are not Everything by Luceee 2. Helvetica Typeface Exploration by UnaOdd 3. Hello I Love You Print by Juliapott 4. Feeling it Out by Mike Perry Living with a graphic designer, I have come to appreciate type in a way I never thought possible. Of course, I am nowhere near as obsessed as … Continue reading

Because 2009 is right around the Corner

Gathered Together Calendar by Saelee Oh and Jill Bliss I always look forward to the joint calendar that Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh put out every year, and I just saw that the 2009 calendar is now available. Yippee! And I found this great picture on Saelee Oh’s blog from the making of the calendar. … Continue reading

200th Post Giveaway

I am celebrating my 200th post (actually I am little late on this- I think this is my 205th post) with a special little giveaway, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for the details, so stay tuned to learn more. Just know that something is coming.


N and O Metal Letters from Kitcsh Cafe I have been contemplating buying these letters since they were listed on Kitsch Cafe a couple of weeks ago. I think they would look really great on a fireplace mantle or a bookshelf. Don’t you? I have been so busy getting everything together for the Paper N … Continue reading

Double Duty DIY

I have been itching for the next DIY project to come around and I was finally able to take some decent style shots. It’s been cloudy lately and the photos I took before were not the best. Anyway, now I am ready to post it up. This tutorial pulls double duty: it’s a modular bulletin … Continue reading

Meet me in Brooklyn

Snowdrift by Rachel Sumpter As if anyone needs a reason to visit New York when the leaves are falling, Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, New York is showcasing some of the most incredible work around. If you are planning a trip to NY anytime soon, make sure you stop by. Gold Fronts by Jeremy Taylor, What … Continue reading

Later this Week…

Just wanted to give a little preview of a tutorial that I have coming up later this week. I won’t tell you what it is, but you may be able to take a guess from the photo. I think I say this everytime, but it is my favorite How To so far. Remember if you … Continue reading

Ruffled Feathers Giveaway

Images c/o Ruffled Feathers A  couple of days ago I received a really sweet email from Carrie of Ruffled Feathers. She wanted to let me know about a great little giveaway she has going on this week for these scarves (scarflettes actually). To celebrate the change of seasons, Ruffled Feathers is giving away three scarflettes. … Continue reading

Trash to Treasure

Tennis Racket + Blank Wall = ???. I found these great vintage tennis rackets a couple of days ago at a thrift store. I actual purchased three, but they’re not all pictured. Anyway, I had no idea what I was going to do these guys, but I decided to bring them home and I thought … Continue reading

Paper N Stitch Site Update

I wanted to give a quick update on the Paper N Stitch site (and also another sneak peek of the design). The invites for the first online exhibition will go out late this week. Below is a screen-shot of what an interior shop page will look like (this is not the main page). I am … Continue reading

More DIY

1. Undercover Crate Tutorial via Craft: 2. Masking Tap Window Screen via Apartment Therapy 3. Bike-Borne Lunch Bag via Made: I wanted to share a couple more DIY’s today that I wasn’t able to include in this previous post from last week. I love the privacy window idea from Apartment Therapy (#2). What a simple and … Continue reading