Trash to Treasure

Tennis Racket + Blank Wall = ???. I found these great vintage tennis rackets a couple of days ago at a thrift store. I actual purchased three, but they’re not all pictured. Anyway, I had no idea what I was going to do these guys, but I decided to bring them home and I thought about possible uses on my drive home. And then it came to me: a jewelry caddy! And although I am really not one for sports, I think the quirky vintage-appeal outweighs the fact that it is a piece of sports equipment.

I had an empty wall in the bedroom that I had been meaning to jazz up a bit. And I was happy that I was able to put one of the racket’s to good use so quickly. But I still have two more to use in the future. Any ideas?

2 Responses to “Trash to Treasure”
  1. mayaluna says:

    What a perfect upcycle…vintage showcase! Brilliant way your mind works!

  2. papernstitch says:

    Aw thanks Mayaluna. By the way, you have a great blog.

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