Miss Crowland

Custom Family Portraits by Miss Crowland

I meant to post this earlier today, but my wordpress was acting crae-crae. On to Miss Crowland…

I first found the Miss Crowland shop while searching for custom silhouettes for our wedding on Etsy. When I came across these beauties, I was pretty excited. And now, I am equally excited because Miss Crowland is an exhibitor on the papernstitch site (and was the featured shop of the day today).

Custom Couple Hair Portrait by Miss Crowland and Una Pistola by Miss Crowland

I thought the pattern in these pieces were great and a little unexpected for silhouettes. Very cool!

Custom Couple Portrait by Miss Crowland

And here’s a couples silhouette. Seems like the perfect wedding or anniversary present. Doesn’t it? For more from Miss Crowland, visit her papernstitch storefront right here. Or if you prefer, head straight to her Etsy shop here.

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