Good News and Bad News

Goodbye, Mother’s Cookies T-Shirt

So, yesterday I received an email from Joshua of Cloth Moth, with some good and bad news. Bad news first: Mother’s Cookies called it quits early this month and has ceased operations and declared bankruptcy. No! The maker’s of my favorite childhood (fat kid) snack, Circus Animal Cookies, is gone? That sucks.

But alas, there is good news too…this shirt, designed by Joshua, is here to drowned your sorrows after hearing the news of Mother’s. This awesome tee is available for pre-order here and if you act fast, you may even get a bag of circus animal cookies with your order.

2 Responses to “Good News and Bad News”
  1. Laura. says:

    WHAT?!!! that is terrible news! the shirt is pretty awesome, though.

  2. papernstitch says:

    i know! 😦
    but yes, the shirt is awesome.

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