Found on Flickr

E by Chensio

I thought I would round up some of photos in the papernstitch flickr pool right now. Lots of great stuff!! And the above piece by Chensio explains exactly how I was feeling early yesterday morning, nervously awaiting the outcome of site launch. Everything went off without a hitch and a BIG thank you goes out to all of the wonderful blogs that have talked about the site. You all are completely awesome!

Poppy and the Books by Kiss Prudence

Okay, okay. Enough of that, for now. Look how adorable this elephant is. I LOVE the colors and the print on the ears. And check out that ampersand…A+. And check out these handmade little birdies below. I love the way all these guys and gals look together. Birds of a feather… (I know I am lame).

Ornithology by Bugs and Fishes by Lupin

2 Responses to “Found on Flickr”
  1. Nancy says:

    very nice, beautiful work.

  2. thisishush says:

    i want some…

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