Found on Flickr

Brown Bag from BurroBags and Winged Numbers Closed from Hikje

I am always finding great inspiration from the everyone who adds their pictures to the papernstitch flickr group. Sometimes I get so excited about what I see there, I simply must re-post it here and this is one of those times. Starting at the top with Burro Bags (which happens to be a wonderful, local resource for handmade bags). I am really enjoying the neutral colors of this one. For more from Burro Bags, click here.

Then there is the work of Hikje- always lovely. I am really enjoying the numbers print above, which is available for purchase right here. Also the first image below, with the three pieces of fabric art are from Hikje, and those are available for purchase right here

Wall Softie from Hikje and Hand Knit Merino Scarf from Tickled Pink Knits

Then  there is the always gorgeous work of Tickled Pink Knits, which just added this absolutely yummy colored scarf. You can purchase it right here.

One Response to “Found on Flickr”
  1. janneke says:

    thanks for mentioning my work Brittni!
    You’re so sweet!

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