Shop of the Day…Dolan Geiman

Sweet Geometree Box Print Triptych by Dolan Geiman

Well, it is probably safe to say that unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last year or two, you are already familiar with the artist from the shop of the day today: it’s Dolan Geiman! Dolan makes absolutely stunning works of art, as evidenced by the above image. You can check out his shop right here. It’s worth the trip: believe me.

3 Responses to “Shop of the Day…Dolan Geiman”
  1. Hello Brittni!

    Thanks for making us shop of the day! And congrats on Paper and Stitch – the site is looking fantastic…

    All best,
    Dolan & Ali,

  2. ashlei says:

    I like that little horse that is peaking out from the side. Great post. Off to check out the site

  3. Oh, goodness…its so lovely out here when I lift the rock up! 🙂 He he….I had not yet stumbled into this shop, but thank you, thank you… 🙂 Just gorgeous work!

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