Shop(s) of Day…Weekend Edition

Coper Vase in Outfit Pattern from Jill Rosenwald

Oh gosh. Jill Rosenwald makes just beautiful vases, bowls, and plates. And she happens to be Saturday’s shop of the day. What do I love most about Jill’s pieces? The colorful patterns! So lovely. You can view more of Jill’s work by clicking here.

Vintage 1960s Royal Traveler Bag

Half Caf is the papernstitch Sunday shop of the day! Some of you know that I have a THING for vintage. And I can honestly say that Half Caf has the BEST vintage clothing that I have found thus far on the web. If you love vintage, you will LOVE this shop! You can take a peak, right here.

One Response to “Shop(s) of Day…Weekend Edition”
  1. Mary Shows says:

    Oh my! I had that exact green bag when I was in college. My mother still uses the dark burgundy one!

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