Shop of the Day…Filiadavidus


Lady Profiles Print by Filiadavidus

Today’s shop of the day is Filiadavidus, where you will find unique prints and originals from Natasha Jones. This is my favorite piece in the Filiadavidus shop right now. I just love the blocks of color and the simplistic use of line. For more of Tasha’s work, click here to visit the Filiadavidus shop and here for the website.

2 Responses to “Shop of the Day…Filiadavidus”
  1. shakhabet mag says:

    Dear Filiadavidus,
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    It will be all about fine art, galleries, art books, art tips, reviews and something like that.
    There will be a new issue every 45 days which have a new title that we will work on.
    Anybody can share any kind of art works related to that title and it will be viewed on the magazine pages.
    About the credits we will show the artist name, the art work title, the artist online gallery Url, also if the art work is for sale we will view the price

    About the next issue >
    – Our first issue is called RED.
    – We will be proud to receive your art work at
    – The deadline to share your great art work is 15-12-2008.
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    Thanks & regards

    Shakhabet team

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