Shop of the Day…UPPERCASE


Top. Eclecto Pouches and Eclecto Pads Bottom. Prim and Proper Electonote and Facts and Figures Eclectonote

Janine of UPPERCASE makes notebooks, pouches, and mirrors amongst other things that are inspired by vintage materials and imagery, found lettering, and typewriters (if you are familiar with UPPERCASE you know about the typewriter inspiration already). I first discovered Janine’s notebooks through Design Sponge and fell in love with ecelectonotes, which is the name of the notebook line. But Janine also makes other things using vintage recycled materials, as you can see, that are of equal interest. For more from Janine, click here to visit the shop.

3 Responses to “Shop of the Day…UPPERCASE”
  1. cameron says:

    I have never heard of this before which is weird because I read DesignSponge a lot. That microscope notebook is the best.

  2. oh those printed map pieces are gorgeous, i am a paper hoarder…

  3. papernstitch says:

    I am a paper hoarder too Ben Conservato

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