Another BIG Giveaway!



Yeah! The newest giveaway is now officially underway, and I even got it up a day early to give everybody a little extra time. First I want to say, thanks so much to all the lovely contributors. Without you guys, these giveaways aren’t possible and I really appreciate it! 

There are some more products that are still on there way, so I will post the new items as I receive them, along with the link info.


So here are the rules: Please visit the shops below from the links provided and then come back here and list your favorites and mention why you like them. You can list more than one item that you enjoy in each comment you make. And you can enter up to three times (but no more than that please). That’s it! Super simple this time. You have plenty of time to enter because this giveaway will run through Friday, December 19th (about 2 weeks from the date of this post) at 8pm eastern time. There will be at least three winners (maybe more- who knows).

Visit our giveaway contributors’ shops here and then come back and enter:

1. Sublime Stitching– Craft Pad Pattern Book

2. Happy Owl Glasswork– 3 Grey Owl Tiny Dishes

3. Jetty Kolobaric– Tree Photograph Print

4. Papaver Vert– 3″ Plant Cozy with Dripliner

5. Snoozer Loser– 5 Snooze Dust Containers with a gift certificate in each one!

6. Selflesh– 3 sets of Mini Prints

7. Mint Workshop– Orange Geometric Pouch

9. K is for Calligraphy– Hand Stitched Bird Cards and Envelope Seals- 3 sets 

10. Leanne Graeff– Yellow House Dish Towel

11. Melissa K Lund– Pino Photograph Print

12. Deeljea Designs– Notecard Set

13. Manderly Rose– Gift Tags and Postcards

14. Samaria Project– Plush Red Birdie

15. TKR Designs– 2 cards and a Bird Print

16. Simple Vintage– Assorted Vintage Fabrics and Vintage Bookplates

17. Micael Nobbs– The Beany Hand Drawn Journal about life in west Whales (4 total)

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240 Responses to “Another BIG Giveaway!”
  1. Camilla says:

    I love the vintage library cards from Simple Vintage- they make me think about how I always wanted to be a librarian when I was small…actually I still do.

  2. Carolyn G says:

    I love the rockies from the samaria project. They remind me of the pet rocks from the 70’s but so much cuter. I think they would look great in a garden.

  3. bequah says:

    The recycled glass pendant, owl, is wonderful. I’ve recently started collecting owls, my grandmothers done it for years.

  4. Michelle says:

    I am a big fan of vintage so love Simple Vintage’s shop – especially the Pyrex (I have a collection started)…

  5. Natalie says:

    I like Mint Workshop’s bags, especially the doublemint tote in olive butter martini. First of all, I love the name! And it’s just so cute, and looks well made too.

  6. cass says:

    I love leanne graeff’s hand printed items. they are beautiful. i also am a huge fan of papaver vert’s felted pots! I love plants and i love having them in unique containers.

  7. I love the camper napkins from LeanneGraeff – so cute!

  8. The plant cozies from papaver vert are so cool – they have a funky, retro feel.

  9. I like SamariaProject’s kid friendly owlie – he has an adorable expression in his face!

  10. Steppie says:

    I love this:

    I also love to work with map paper, so it’s fun to see how another artist uses it in their own way!


    Because the fabric is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


  11. Julie says:

    Happy Owl’s jackrabbit nightlight is the most darling thing I’ve seen in a while!

  12. Julie says:

    JK Photography is just amazing. The images are so gentle. I’d love this one framed in a bathroom:

  13. Julie says:

    And I can’t get enough of anything vintage, so I love Create Jacksonville’s selection. And so affordable! I’d so buy these right now if my shoe size was smaller:

  14. susie says:

    It’s got to be the felt plant cozies from Papaver vert. Unique, organic, looking impeccably constructed and mighty fine!

  15. summernightsmiles says:

    I really like mintworkshop’s shop!

    My favourites are the Peppermint Twist bags. It’s hard for me to settle on my favourite color, but I think I prefer either the grape forest bag or the blue green barkcloth one =)

  16. Tanya says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Sublime Stitching. Very cute patterns and great tools I’ve found difficult to get in Japan like the t-shirt stabilizer.

  17. Su says:

    I think Mint Workshop’s bags and pouches are gorgeous – great clours and designs.

  18. Su says:

    I LOVE K is for Calligraphy’s envelope seals – they are so pretty – my favourite designs at the moment are the Minty Grey Polka Dot seals and the Thank You seals

  19. Su says:

    The Rockies from Samaria Project are very eye-catching – clever idea and very attractive design makes them very appealing 🙂

  20. Tanya says:

    I’m a sucker for handmade fonts so the stuff on K is for Calligraphy gets my vote too. I especially love the State Fair Magnets as they recycle material from old books, the illustrations are really cute too.

  21. Laura. says:

    oh, i’ve been drooling over those amazing felted planters from papaververt for several days now. so happy to see them pop up here! they would be so at home in my home!!

  22. Marsha says:

    Being a card artist myself, I love the note cards at Deeljea Design.

  23. Elana says:

    I love love love Jetty Kolobaric’s photographs-every one! I also think Samaria Project’s jellyfish is so adorable.

  24. rebecca says:

    i love the Tree print (Jetty Kolobaric- Tree Photograph Print) cause at one time i was obsessed with bare trees and limbs and things. crazy, i know. and then of course (K is for Calligraphy- Hand Stitched Bird Cards and Envelope Seals) because trees and birds go together and i just love me some birds. so pretty!

  25. Camela says:

    I love the tractor tea towels and camper napkins from Leanne Graeff. We lived in a camper while we fixed up our old farm, and our tractor is our prize posession these days!

  26. Kelly Edge says:

    I love the little dishes from Tiny Grey Owl! So cute! My sister would love them in her stocking!

  27. lynnk says:

    i love vintage – and this year my family is giving handmade or vintage!!
    i gotta buy these!!

  28. sade says:

    I like everything with houses printed on them, so I’d love to have Leanne Graeffs kitchen towel hanging in my kitchen.

  29. Camille says:

    I love all the work above!!! Most specifically Papaver Vert’s work!

  30. Michelle says:

    I adore the “House Across The Street” print from Leanne Graeff, it looks just like the house I grew up in!

  31. Michelle says:

    I had to add the “Rockies” from Samaria Project to my etsy favorites. I’d dress up my potted plants with them, they’re so cute!

  32. Michelle says:

    Speaking of my plants, I’d love the Striped Felted Wool Plant Cozy for 3-inch Pot from Papaververt’s Shop. That would really dress up the plain pot in my kitchen window!

  33. alisa says:

    At Simple Vintage I found the awesome colorful vintage flower fabric by the yard, so cute, I could make lots of goodies with this. And the vintage pyrex, I love all those cute patterns!

  34. kristen k. says:

    indian summer is such a nostalgic, beautiful time of year and these prints capture it perfectly.

  35. kristen k. says:

    i love the bold pattern and i’m always looking for pretty ways to carry my stuff!

  36. kristen k. says:

    envelope seals are a new favorite! these are unusual and beautiful.

  37. Rach W. says:

    The hand printed ornaments by leanne graff are too cute! They remind me of the old, traditional glass ornaments but with a cool, modern twist.

  38. Kelly Edge says:

    I love the print by Jetty Kolobaric. I love his work!

  39. robin says:

    An Ode to a Giveaway

    Oh! paper and stitch
    these gift make me twitch
    from prints to bookplates
    will it be my in my fate
    to win something here?
    oh, paper and stich dear!
    please enter me please
    for theese favories I must seize
    a book from Stitching Sublime
    is certainly my kind
    SamariaProject’s red birdie plush
    is making me blush
    the Mintworkshop pouch
    is maing me shout
    and last I must say
    that this giveaway
    is having me rhyme
    has it been a crime?
    So, forgive poetry bad
    and make me feel glad
    and cause me some fame
    by drawing my name!

    apologies to readers and poets everywhere,

  40. Alex says:

    i love the simple vintage dow a deer vintage vase!!

    sooooooooo cute

  41. Alex says:

    Jetty Kolobaric- carnivale photograde is awesome!!

  42. Alex says:

    Mint Workshop
    smint pouch – mod pumkin

    amazing colours!!

  43. rachellake says:

    Simple Vintage has such a lovely collection of items. I love all the vintage pyrex!

  44. Melody says:

    From Leanne Graeff, the antique ornaments tea towel — divine!

  45. Melody says:

    I totally love the jellyfish plush at Samaria Project. What a wonderful thing for a two-year-old to be attached to.

  46. Melody says:

    I’ve just been looking at Selflesh’s map collages and they’re amazing. I especially love the Orange Islands print — I have a thing for birds lately.

  47. Ali says:

    I really like the orange geometric pouch by Mint Workshop. I LOVE the color orange, because it’s so warm and nice, and It’s hard to find a purse in that color, so I love that Mint Workshop chose it. The black lines on the pouch forming the geometric shape give it a retro feel to me. Perfect for make up and must haves on the go.
    Also it looks nice and sturdy!

  48. Kajsa says:

    I love Leannegraeff’s shop! LOve all the houses!

  49. carrie says:

    Ooh, so many good things to choose from! Ok, I’m going with She 5×5 from the JKphotography shop. I love the softness of that picture!

  50. carrie says:

    I always love a good owl/bird craft, so I’m going with Samaria Project’s Kid Friendly Owlie. I can just imagine how much fun it would be to cuddle up with that sweet birdie.

  51. Carrie says:

    Sublime Stitching has been on my Amazon wish list so I don’t think I can overlook that one. It’s got such great patterns that really inspire me to embroider more, despite not being very good at it.

  52. Kim says:

    Loved Deeljea Designs’s Whimsical peacock note card
    Papaver Vert’s planters and Snoozer Loser’s Olivia shirt.

  53. Kim says:

    loved TKR Designs turtle note card, and Jetty Kolobaric’s Winter Forest.

  54. Kim says:

    Loved Mint Workshop’s Smint pouch and K is for Calligraphy’s Lyre and Mocking bird card

  55. Nancy Topolski says:

    I just love Simply Vintage. I have more pyrex bowls than I know waht to do with. But I will never stop colecting them. I work in collage and would enjoy and use any paper or fabric that is vintage!

  56. Ginny says:

    I love the Vintage Wooden Egg Holders / Kitsch Decoration – Set of 2 from Simple Vintage

  57. Ginny says:

    Love the holiday ornaments from TKR designs

  58. Ginny says:

    2 Little Girls Vintage Inspired Bookplates – Set of 8 from Deeljea Designs

  59. camelama says:

    I like the Camp Tea Towel series at Leannegraeff. Cute!

  60. Vanessa says:

    Happy Owl Glassworks! Love the cufflinks; so unexpected and modern.
    JK Photography: Canal 7×10: so dreamlike and peaceful

  61. Kim says:

    I love the Baby Owl print (now sold out!) from Happy Owl Glassworks! The owls look so adorable, and I really like the inking in the drawing!

  62. Kim says:

    This print: from selflesh is amazing. I love the design and the map-paper used to make the design up. The print is absolutely charming!

  63. Kim says:

    The Vintage Autumn Baskets Tote at Mint Workshop is to DIE for! The fabric choices are delightful; I love the pattern on the patterned fabric, and it works beautifully with the brown canvas.

  64. sam says:

    the rockies at samaria project are adorable!

  65. sam says:

    i think the whole sublime stitching concept is fantastic. such a great idea delivered so well!

  66. Katy says:

    The sublime stitching pad is my favourite, so much so that it’s the only thing on the list (so far) that I already own. I love to flick through it and let the clear, quirky and uncluttered designs soothe my craft-cluttered mind.

  67. Katy says:

    And the snooze dust containers – I’m all about new concepts. I love the photo background in Snoozer Loser’s The Phoebe etsy listing, makes me homesick for NY.

  68. i love the dia de los muertos pattern! id love to work this out and hang it in my bedroom 🙂

  69. Jingle says:

    The handprinted Camp tea towel series at Leanne Graeff’s shop is fantastic! I love the camper in particular! So cute!

  70. Jingle says:

    I really love the Red Berries Peppermint Twist Bag at Mint Workshop! That is SUCH a cute bag!

  71. Jingle says:

    I love Cordell the Sweatshirt Animal at the Samaria Project!

  72. Dena C says:

    Simple Vintage is a shop after my own heart!!!!
    I have the bowl in the middle but I need these rockin patterned bowls to go with..sigh
    And I really love this orange creamer set:

  73. Dena C says:

    Samaria Project has all kinds of cool stuff. I love all the cute little monsters and owls and the like but this train case needs a home with me:
    I think it would make a cool camera bag.

  74. Corvus says:

    I think I’ll divide the stores between three comments and make sure I get to all of them. 😀

    I have been a Sublime Stitching fiend for years. I learned to embroider from the stitch-it kit, I read the e-mail newsletters religiously, I have a stack of patterns, and it’s been very, very hard to resist the craft pad (some day!). I’ve really been loving the recent designs done by other artists- while Jenny’s work is always awesome, it’s kind of nice to widen up the styles of not-so-conventional embroidery patterns out there.

    Believe it or not, I’ve also been a Happy Owl Glassworks fan for quite some time- though more from afar than Sublime Stitching. As an animal theme, I’d love to bedeck everything I own with the glass badge menagerie (particularly the unconventional ones, like the Okapi, Orangutan or Markhor).

    Jetty Kolobaric is a new one to me, but has some mad skills. I love “Underwater Silence”- it’s quite evocative and expresses the utterly alien nature of the animal and its enviroment wonderfully.

    Papaver Vert’s work is utterly jaw-dropping. I’m particularly a fan of the pillows; the teal/black/cream/orange ones make me think of some exotic, ancient gemstone cut and polished.

    When I was a kid, we were stationed in Cairo for a while. It’s left me with a great love of ameture egyptology, and so I can’t pass through Snoozer Loser’s shop without commenting on the winged scarab prints. The scarf is awesome, and while I think I could probably pull off the Antonia better, I love the Cleo. Lovely colors.

    Selflesh’s Heartbeat No 4/25 immediately caught my eye. The anatomical heart is a common theme in my own work ( ) and really a favorite of mine as a whole. Combining that with a map is fantastic.

  75. Corvus says:

    The prints Mint Workshop uses are fantastic. I think the Peppermint Twist bag would make a fantastic small knitting bag (something I’ve been needling lately) and particularly love the colors and design of the grape forest fabric.

    The practical beast in me loves K is for Calligraphy’s Hand-Flourished gift tags for the upcoming present wrapping-and-giving season. I love the rail road birds cards as well.

    I love Leanne Graeff’s bright colors and simple, evocative prints. I know a couple of peopel a tractor card would be perfect for (in fact, I believe they’re off looking at a tractor right now).

    Melissa K Lund is yet another talented photographer. I’m particularly enamored with the Flower Series Postcard Set- the bright colors are fantastic and I can just see them framed and hung as a series on the wall.

    Deeljea Designs gift tags with the reindeer? So cute. I’ve got holiday gift wrapping on the brain right now, so I may be biased, but still: so cute.

    I could definently go for Manderly Rose’s bag tags- it’s so much classier than my “tie on some fluorescent purple ribbon” method of identifying my bags at the airport.

  76. Corvus says:

    I so totally wrote up the entire third comment then accidentally closed the window. Aargh! I know I loved Samaria Project’s refurbished train cases (particularly the Sophisticate), I know the corvid lover in me (as evidenced by my online pen name) couldn’t resist TKR Design’s Raven Couple print, I know I said something about always waking to reconstruct a Cospy sweater and thus thinking Simply Vintage’s Colorful Vintage Sweater would be a fantastic challenge and Michael Nobbs’ work in general looks gorgeous and makes me wish I were more faithful to my artjournal.

    Yes. Only in the comment I managed to close without posting, I said all that with much more grace and pizazz. 😀

  77. Heather says:

    These plant cozies are great. My house is pretty cold and I know my plants are suffering! I really like the colouring of these Tall Felted Wool Bowls – Greys with Orange, Mustard and Bright Yellow.

  78. Wendy says:

    I am in love with all things Subline Stitching. I have purchased and embroidered many of their patterns! Their tea towels ROCK!

  79. Wendy says:

    I love the Samaria Project’s little Rockies. Who knew rocks could be so cute?

  80. Wendy says:

    I want the Mint Project’s “Smint Pouch in mod chocolate flora”.

  81. Ali L. says:

    From Simply Vintage I love the Vintage Pyrex Cinderella Mixing Bowls. The Verde Square Flower Pattern is great! So wish my mom kept her old pyrex! They would definitely be displayed in my kitchen.

  82. Ali L. says:

    The Multilingual Christmas Tree Holiday Card from
    deeljeadesigns is Great!

  83. Ali L. says:

    Love the Camp Tea Towel Series by Leannegraeff. Perfect gift for the friends I go camping with.

  84. Lindsay says:

    I’ve been in love with Sublime Stitching for years! Best and freshest embroidery by far.

  85. nikki lynn says:

    I always drool over Happy Owl Glassworks nightlights, but I never live with folks that like them.

  86. nikki lynn says:

    Papaver Vert’s felted potted plant cozies are amazing. I would never have thought of something like that, but I bet it works great for succulents.

  87. nikki lynn says:

    I think my kitchen is just crying out for one of Leanne Graeff’s tractor tea towels. It’s a perfect match to my lime green dishware!

  88. Jenni Davies says:

    I love Michael Nibbs! Fabtastic drawings and funny, poignant comments and photography!

  89. Trish says:

    I love the photo Quiet Land by Jetty Kolobaric. The photo itself is lovely, but it’s the description that really got me: “The title “Quiet Land” isn’t always referring to a place, but most of all to a state of calm, of tranquility we can find ourselves at times. Not so much that we are looking for it, more as a sudden impact a moment can have, somewhere, somehow.” Enough said.

  90. Jennifer G says:

    I love the Snoozer Loser holiday set in the pheobies. The shirts are fun and feminine!

  91. Trish says:

    I love pretty much everything on Leanne Graeff’s site. It’s all very fresh and it makes me smile!

  92. Jennifer G says:

    i love the twilight print by JK photography. I love photos with tree branches, rather bare or covered in leafs or flowers. This one is elegent.

  93. Jennifer G says:

    I really like the salvaged glass pendants at happy owl glassworks. I’m a big fan of glass and the style’s here are great.

  94. Trish says:

    From Simple Vintage my choice would have to be the Vintage Glasbake Olive Green Flower Casserole Dish. It brings me back to my childhood. I could swear my mom had a dish just like it!!

  95. Lauriewis says:

    I absolutely love Leanne Graeff’s designs. This set of tea towels with campers, canoes and tents just makes me smile. Talented lady that one!

  96. Lauriewis says:

    I see a great paper project in my future. LOVE these vintage book plates from Simple Vintage.

  97. Lauriewis says:

    Swoon! This fused glass skunk soap dish is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Maybe Santa will remember that I was *very* good this year!

  98. Wendy says:

    Samaria’s rockies just make me smile! I love the bright happiness of them 🙂

  99. Ali says:

    I really like Jetty Kolobaric’s Tree photograph print. It is really beautiful. I love trees, and this would look lovely in my eco friendly craft space. I wanna hug a tree now, don’t you?

  100. Linda says:

    I love this pouch from MintWorkshop!!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!!!!

  101. Linda says:

    I also love this card set from Sublime Stitching!!

    Thanks again!!!

  102. Linda says:

    I love this ornament tea towel from Leanne Graeff!

    Thank you!!!!

  103. Ricki says:

    I love the Sexy Librians pattern from Sublime Stitching:

  104. Ricki says:

    I need this Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows ornament from K is for Calligraphy:

  105. Kerrie says:

    Jetty Kolobaric’s print is so ethereal. I love the point of view in each image… and the colors! Poppy and Indian Summer are gorgeous.

  106. Kerrie says:

    Can’t get enough of Happy Owl Glassworks – love the owl illustration & the trees, great color & balance of art & function.

  107. Kerrie says:

    Michael Nobbs’ Beany Books – drawings, memoir, Wales – I can’t wait to read them!

  108. ChrisC. says:

    I really love the handprinted animal illustrations at Happy Owl Glassworks. The Baby Owl and Armadillo ones? I MUST have them!

  109. I ♥ sublime stitching’s pattern “the black apple”… I have her books too! 🙂

    Yay for fun giveaways and stitching!

  110. Samaria Project’s {The Fire ‘lil case – a go go….} is to die for! Love the colors, design and sweetness!

  111. JKPhotography has amazing prints! {Carnivale/ A set of small prints} are my absolute favs!!! I love the colors, the effects, and may just purchase them to be framed in my studio! 🙂

  112. ChrisC. says:

    Oooh, the felted pillows at papaver vert are SO lovely! The brilliant colors just blow me away.

  113. ChrisC. says:

    Wow! I also really love the fabric lined vintage suitcases at Samaria project. Such a nice surprise when you open those suitcases!

  114. Beautymist says:


    beautiful and talented crafters!

    i personally totally dig the Orange Geometric Pouch from the Mint Workshop.


  115. Molly S. says:

    The nightlights from Happy Owl Glassworks are adorable! I love the jackrabbit light!

  116. Molly S. says:

    I’m absolutely loving the bags from Mint Workshop. The grape forest Peppermint Twist bag is so cool!

  117. Molly S. says:

    I adore Papaver Vert’s products, especially the bud vases. So stylish!

  118. Lo says:

    love the collelction of stuff from Simple Vintage, especially the Red Polka Dot Dress!

  119. Lo says:

    Sublime Stitching has awesome stuff – i really like their patters and i would choose the Vital organs one!

  120. Lo says:

    also loving the mr. brown traincase from samaria project.

  121. Cheryl E says:

    This is perfect for those Chicago windy days and nights!

    Parrot and Gold Branches Scarf

  122. Emmakat says:

    I have to say that mint pouch really stands out and I love it! Also this one is really cute too:

  123. HavaLyn says:

    I absolutely love the papaververt shop! Such incredible color combinations and lovely items all around, but especially the plant cozies and those AMAZING throw pillows. I’ve tried felting and I cannot imagine the time and energy necessary for that big a project! I’m still on BEADS! 🙂

  124. HavaLyn says:

    Jetty Kolobaric’s work is incredible. Particularly “Twilight”, “Underwater Silence” and “Memories”… Plus those 4 image sets are amazing. What a great eye!

  125. HavaLyn says:

    I’ve been reading the Happy Owl Glass blog for a while and absolutely ADORE Tracy Bull’s work. Her new ‘woodland creatures’ sets are especially lovely, but really I’m just keen on her stuff across the board.

  126. Lisa says:

    Love the yellow house dish towel!!!

  127. Laura. says:

    papaver vert! i would give the little planter such a good home!

  128. joanna says:

    There are lots of things I love…
    Happy owl glasswork – I have a new passion for owls
    Mint workshop – beautiful fabrics and my husband is from Chapel Hill 🙂
    Leanne Graeff – I have just discovered printing my own stuff on fabrics and LOVE anything like this
    TKR designs – great artwork
    Papaver Vert – i wish i was better at felting :~

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. karen m says:

    All of Selflesh’s prints and collages are mesmerizing, enticing the viewer to look and look. I especially like this one:
    Thank you!

  130. karen m says:

    Leanne Graeff’s yellow houses dish towel is charming! I also like the camper prints on these napkins too. Such an elegant and simple reminder to enjoy both home and adventures.

  131. pouch says:

    so many lovely things to choose from!
    I love all of Papaver Vert’s work, especially the Dot Vase 🙂

  132. Kendall says:

    papaververt’s pillows and hand-felted bowls are amazing! I love felted work.

  133. Kendall says:

    KisforCalligraphy’s “Sea” postcard set–

    The screenprint shells are awesome.

  134. dianosaurus says:

    Happy Owl Glasswork is just amazing! I’d love the chartreuse robin pendant 🙂

  135. dianosaurus says:

    And Leanne Graeff’s print are just too beautiful. I love that she makes patterns of common objects like the teepee, or prints of the buildings in her neighborhood

  136. dianosaurus says:

    And of course Mint Workshop for their adorable bags and pouches!

  137. Katy says:

    The Samaria Project’s Big Bat-ie Plush is one of the most adorable toys i have ever seen! Biased since my cat sometimes looks like a bat! 😀

    I cannot help but be intrigued by Selflesh’s map collage art!

    I could seriously use about 700 of Papavera Vert’s felted bowls
    (well maybe not 700 but multiple sets would be very useful)

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments and thank you Paper n Stitch for a “knock em dead” giveaway!

  138. Katy says:

    happy Owl Glassworks makes more than just glass! Check out this giga owl sew on patch! Wow…this would make plain old tote bag into an uber awesome tote bag!

    And Santa, please bring me a Happy owl Glassworks ornament in green like this one!

    And if I ever decide to reconsider taking up needle point again you better believe I will be pairing Sublime Stitching’s word balloons pattern with some crazy cool glow in the dark thread!

    If I win Sublime’s Craft Pad pattern Book I promise to take up embroidering again!

  139. Katy says:

    And I really really love Leanne Graeff’s Camp Tea Towels! What a perfect gift this set would make!

    Bon Chance to all!
    May the luckiest of the bunch win!

  140. Rachel says:

    Alright, here goes! I love the owl-on-jade cuff links at Happy Owl Glassworks (they make me wish I had a reason to buy cuff links!); and the orange Poppy 7×7 print by Jetty Kolobaric is so beautiful in its simplicity, I love the way the flower just seems to emerge from the background.

  141. Rachel says:

    Also, the Olivia top at SnoozerLoser; love the color and pattern, and I can see so many possibilities in how to wear it. And I adore the camper-trailer print napkins by Leanne Graeff; it’s whimsical but classy at the same time, and I love the color she used.

  142. Rachel says:

    And finally, the Whimsical Peacock card at Deeljea Designs; we have a thing for birds at our house – which is maybe why I also love the Owlies at Samaria Project.

  143. sixfrites says:

    Love the Hedgehog family portrait on TKR Designs – simply because I had this hedgehog couple as a kid and I loved to play with them. Wonderful work with a bit of toungue in cheek…

  144. Beautymist says:

    i like Jetty Kolobaric’s photographic work, especially the print called “Underwater silence” found here:


  145. Beautymist says:

    Last but not least, i like (a lot!) the Yellow House Dish Towel (what a beautiful yellow!) by Leanne Graeff, seen here:

    Simply lovely!


  146. Mirjam says:

    Oh goody, so much yummy goodness.
    Love the bl&w vine pouche by Mint Workshop – clean, funky, practical. A girl can never have too many of those.
    Leanne Graeff’s prints are very fresh and uplifting. Especially that bright sunshine yellow!
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

  147. Elana says:

    Still really excited about this giveaway… I love love love love Jetty Kolobaric’s tree prints. So gorgeous. This might sound cliche, but I love trees-my name even means tree (in Hebrew). I’m actually about to be on my way out the door to go collect fallen birch bark to use to decorate… oh trees. How lovely.

  148. I am a big fan of Sublime Stitching. Their patterns iron on easily and they have a great selection to choose from.

  149. Samaria Project has some fun plushies…I especially like Cordell!

  150. K is for Calligraphy does beautiful work. I really like the Peace on Earth ornament.

  151. Sally says:

    This is a fantastic giveaway!

    Clever are the Mint Workshop’s “smint” pouches! Very clever and great fabric and patterns.

  152. Sally says:

    Papaver Vert’s felted vases are wonderful and would make wonderful gifts!

  153. Sally says:

    And what lovely and sweet little ornaments the Samaria Project creates! So difficult to choose a favorite!

  154. Nicole says:

    i love from mintworkshop’s Shop
    Peppermint Twist bag–grape forest because i love the print!

  155. Nicole says:

    Samaria Project creates adorable stuff like the Mini Owlie Plush Ornament/keychain

  156. Nicole says:

    melissa Lund’s photos are awesome!!
    i love Safe Passage – 8 x 8 Fine Art Photograph

  157. daniellexo says:

    Out of all these I love Leannegraeff! I didn’t know she was handprinting linens now – very exciting. 😀

  158. daniellexo says:

    And snoozerloser’s snooze dust gift certificates:

    are pretty ingenious!

    We carry their work at my gallery and they are just delighful!
    Check out this little number:

  159. Mirjam says:

    Love Jetty Kolobaric’s gorgeous tree prints. Really special.

  160. Viva says:

    I love the Vintage Glasbake Olive Green Flower Casserole Dish at Simply Vintage. Love the color and pattern.

  161. Viva says:

    I love the Vintage Ornament tea towel by Leanne Graeff. So colorful and perfect for the holiday season. Like having a Christmas tree in the kitchen ; )

  162. Camilla says:

    I want to read all the copies of the beany!

  163. kait says:

    mintworkshop – these bags are super cute! Love the colors on each of them:

  164. kait says:

    Reindeer cuteness!
    These tags are fun. I love them!

  165. karen m says:

    All of Mint Workshop’s pouches are fabulous! Amazing fabric choices and pouch designs. So glad she’s moving into her rebuilt home in time for the holidays too. Best wishes!

  166. rowena says:

    Jetty Kolobaric’s work is making me dizzy. Literally swooning here. Love Carnivale and In The Cold Light of Day the mostest, but love everything else, too.

  167. rowena says:

    How am I supposed to pick just one favorite from Selflesh’s shop? How?

    Let’s just say I pick Visionary. And Warm Heart.

  168. Stefanie D says:

    I loved these,

    They were already favorites of mine on Etsy. I’m thrilled to see this shop as part of the giveaway.

  169. Stefanie D says:

    I’ve always loved Sublime Stitching, but these are my favs!

  170. I went through all the webpages and my favorite piece is in , I found a pattern made by Michael Sieben who i think is a great artist. He came this year to Peru for an exhibition of his work and I was fascinated.

  171. stephanie says:

    Vintage Pyrex Cinderella Mixing Bowls in Verde Square Flower Pattern Set of 3 from simple vintage – i love vintage pyrex!

  172. stephanie says:

    Corning ware Pyrex Vintage Butterfly Gold Teacup Set of 2

  173. stephanie says:

    Corning ware Pyrex Vintage Butterfly Gold Teacup Set of 2


  174. mollie says:

    i, too, love simple vintage’s stuff!

  175. Rach W. says:

    0o0! I am loving the Doublemint tote–rusty martini over at Mintworkshop. The colours are right up my alley!

  176. Rach W. says:

    Oh my! The Sophisticate Traincase by SamariaProject is so calling my name! ooo The things i could put in there!

  177. Diana says:

    Lovely shops!

    I love Happy Owl Glasswork’s “Robin” print

  178. Diana says:

    OH my – all of Selflesh’s things are amazing! Some favorites:

    Visionary No. 5/25 & Guardian

  179. Diana says:

    Leanne Graeff’s custom house portrait tea towels are simply darling!

  180. Love love love Selflesh. The balance of map, line, and negative space is ruling!

  181. Samaria Projects’s mini-toasts are too cute. I heart toast!

  182. I’ve been a fan of K is for Calligraphy for a while. Everything in the shop–tags, ornaments, and buttons–is totally fab!

  183. rachel best says:

    love the Leanne Graeff yellow towels!

  184. Holly H. says:

    I loved The LuLu at Snoozer loser, so many great items to choose from.

  185. wendy d says:

    Love the guardian print from Selflesh. Her work is so soft and geometric – a duality that amazes me!

  186. wendy d says:

    those grey tiny owl dishes over at Happy Owl Glassworks are so whimsical. My table is calling to them to join us for a party!

  187. wendy d says:

    love those riot of petals note cards over at Deeljea Designs. So mod. Wold be perfect for a Spring note.

  188. Ann Flowers says:

    i love simple vintage’s shop. there are a lot of great items there!

  189. Ann Flowers says:

    . Selflesh- i love this artist. great use of thread!

  190. Ann Flowers says:

    i love love love sublime stitching! who doesnt?!

  191. kim whitten says:

    love the funky patterns of Sublime Stitching’s patterns – I had visited them before.

    The Etsy shop of Leanne Graeff is probably my fave for the cool kitschy feel of her prints.Especially love the vintage ornament tea towel….swoooooon!
    /view_listing.php?listing_id=18622210″ tea towel=””>

    and the felted yumminess of Papaver Vert is sweet!

    thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

  192. Holly H. says:

    These are great, i’m thinking of them for my collection(plates & holly hobbie record player)

  193. Holly H. H. says:

    ooppps, I commented in the wrong place.
    This kit is exactly what I’m asking from santa, so many cute “themes” to choose from. I can’t pick just one.

  194. Malinda says:

    I love the little RV design on these napkins from Leannegraeff

  195. Lottezon says:

    These are so cute! I would indeed love to take them everywhere 🙂

    I love this traincase: handy and trendy and those stars… mmmh!

  196. Julia Carter says:

    All of the sellers have such beautiful products, I have spent over an hour just looking at the goodies!!!
    From Sublime Stitching I LOVE the Yoga Journal. I have been wanting to try yoga for a while, so maybe if I have this it will give me some motivation!!! The patterns are awesome also.

    Julia Carter

  197. Julia Carter says:

    The Mini Owlie Plush, from Samaria Project is the cutest! I love owls, I see them everywhere lately, and they are just so adorable. This would make a great stocking stuffer!

    Julia Carter

  198. Julia Carter says:

    Simple Vintage’s ceramic gray flower teapot is lovely. I have a soft spot for teacups, saucers, and of course, teapots. This one is beautiful and is definately going on my list for Santa, a.k.a. my dear hubby!!!!

    Julia Carter

  199. Mint Workshop is out of bags right now, but I love the Peppermint Twist bag that she sold last May.

  200. Papaververt’s Felted Items are awesome. My favorite is the Hand Felted Merino Wool Pillow with Grey Line – Mustard, Fuchsia and Grey. Thanks!

  201. Fleece Aminal – Newton from the Samaria Project is great. The expression on this stuffed animal is to die for…really quizzical. Thanks!

  202. MsUnreliable says:

    I’m completely torn between the Yellow House Dish Towel and the Plush Red Birdie…both caught me eye from the moment I saw the photo of all the great products on offer, but these two are both so bright and quirky, which perfectly suits the aesthetic of my crazy little home 😀

  203. I love the bird cards from KisforCalligraphy!


  204. Leeanne Graeff’s shop is new to me. I just added it to my Favorites. Her house prints are really wonderful, especially the little yellow house tea towel!

  205. Carol says:

    Oh my,from the shop of Leanne Graeff I absolutely love the Camper Napkins. How unique and creative.

  206. Carol says:

    Now, from KisforCalligraphy’s Shop I like the Chicken Fortune Teller Magnet Set!

  207. Carol says:

    Finally, from the Happy Owl Glasswork Shop I like the:

  208. Christina says:

    The Lulu by snoozerloser. Nough said.

  209. Christina says:

    Warm Heart Lg. – No. 4/25 from the anatomy series by selflesh.

  210. Christina says:

    The Minimalism print set from JKphotography is beautiful, as is the packing.

  211. Catri says:

    Right, so this is almost beyond the deadline, and I’m feeling a bit awkward, having just registered on paper&stich but here goes nothing: my top three.

    The first would probably be the Leanne Graeff towel only because her prints remind me of some of my mother’s pillow cases from when she was a child and that she pased onto me, simple but colorful designs all with a sort of domestic focus.

    Next would be the Papaver Vert plant cozy because it’s such an odd mix of mediums (for me anyway, who wouldn’t usually associate felt with pottery and being nature friendly in general, my only experience with it being in primary school crafts), besides which the idea of a plant cozy is just sort of amazing.

    Last but not least (and I don’t remember if there were supposed to be three listed favorites, I just tend to list things in threes but ANYWAY this is turning into a small essay so I need to cut down on the length of these parenthetical notes) would be the K is for Calligraphy hand stiched (hand stiched!) bird cards becuase a) the calligraphy, from what I can see, is so sweet looking and the bird illustrations are so lovely. And birds are just too cool, being both scaly and fuzzy. So sorry if I’ve done this all wrong.

    Either way happy holidays!

  212. Catri says:

    Of course it occurs to me now that I should have proof-read. I would’ve caught ‘paper&stich’ and changed it to ‘paper & stitch’. I suppose the pronunciation would still be the same but oh well. Life is too short for proof-reading. Well, winter holidays are too short on any account. happy chrismahanukwanzuka!

  213. I like the notecard set by Deeljea Designs. When I was checking them out at work I said Ohhhhhh out loud becuse they are so dang cute! Eveyone in my office came over to look. Very Cute stuff!!!

  214. I also like the yellow house towell. I collect hand towells…I know weird hu, and this one is super cute! It would match my kitchen.

  215. Christie says:

    I love everything on Sublime Stitching, but my favorites are the Darling Dachshunds. They remind me of my sister and her love for little dogs!

    On Happy Owl my favorite is the jackrabbit night light. So fun.

    Jetty Kolobaric’s, I crave the set of small prints of flowers.


  216. Christie says:

    Help there’s nothing on Mint Workshop to mention!

    I like red and gray felt trivets from Papaver Vert.

    The Hand Lettered Holiday Cheer Envelope Seals are darling from KisforCalligraphy’s shop. Those would have come in handy on my Christmas cards. Maybe next year!

    I especially like the tractor note cards on Leanne Graeff’s site.

    And so very much like the deer tags from
    Deeljea Designs.


  217. Christie says:

    And also I like ….

    The vintage doggie from Simple Vintage.

    The AJ tote from Samaria Project.

    I don’t really know anything about the Beany. But it look interesting.


  218. Arlene Anthony says:

    I love the Hand Printed – Linen Tea Towel – Antique Ornaments
    from Leanne Graeff

    They are so cute!

  219. Arlene Anthony says:

    I also like the Initial Key Tag, Round from Manderlyrose.

    What a great gift these would make.

  220. camelama says:

    I like the Pretty Ceramic Vintage Bird Bell at Simple Vintage, reminds me of my grandmother’s ceramics.

  221. camelama says:

    Oooo I laughed at the Happy Owl fused glass coasters with the skunks on them – great stuff! I used to know people who raised skunks!

  222. Casey says:

    I like Samaria Project’s Fleece Aminal named Newton. The face is so full of expression!

  223. Casey says:

    K is for Calligraphy’s Zip It pull is truly original. Even the packaging is amazing.

  224. Casey says:

    The Flourished Notepad from Sublime Stitching is terribly sweet. I use that just to make my grocery lists not to dreary!

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