Shop of the Day…Blue Stitch Books


Vintage Typewriter Flat Notecards, Winter Wishes Notecard Set, and Blue Bicycle Gocco Card

I am SO glad it is Friday! And I am so glad to announce that Blue Stitch Books is the shop of the day! Blue Stitch is a papergoods shop. 

How did the shop come about? Jaime took a bookbinding class in college that changed her life. After making a lot of books and giving them away to pretty much everyone she knew she decided to share her skills with the world and Blue Stitch Books was born. She has taken a step back from bookbinding (distracted by her shiny new gocco screen printing machine) to focus on her line of vintage inspired note books and note cards. 

For more from Blue Stitch Books, click here.

One Response to “Shop of the Day…Blue Stitch Books”
  1. Jennifer says:

    What fun! I love these all. 🙂 I’ve always wanted to learn about screen-printing and book binding! Think of possibilities!

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