Blog of the Week..Treasuring


The blog of the week is Treasuring, which is run by super talented artist, Jessica Gonacha. Jessica’s style is really close to my own and everytime I visit her blog, I find new artists and makers that I had never heard of before. And then, I immediately add them to my expanding Christmas list of things I want. You definitely want to check out this blog…I am sure you will find new treasures to drool over.

And make sure you stop by Jessica’s papernstitch shop too, she is a fresh exhibitor in the newest exhibition (just launched today).


5 Responses to “Blog of the Week..Treasuring”
  1. jess gonacha says:

    thank you, brittni! i’m so so honored to be featured by you. 🙂 (because i feel the exact same way!) i’m so excited to be a part of paper n stitch. yay!

  2. kelly says:

    i adore jess and her artwork!
    her creative prowess amazes me.

  3. cindy k says:

    i agree with kelly – jess is wonderful!

  4. i love her work and blog too, and she’s such a sweet person 🙂

  5. rowena says:

    Yay! I love Jess. I have, however just found Paper and Stitch. I’ll be back.

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