Shop of the Day…And Furthermore


1. Triple Branched Tree 2. Doily Clock Green 3. Bikeman (with doily) 4. Doily Clock Magenta

And Furthermore, run by Brenda Rose, is  the shop of the day! In Brenda’s papernstitch shop, you will find lovely doily clocks and equally great artwork. On Etsy however, Brenda has two separate shops: one for housewares and one for artwork. Regardless of which of shops you are browsing, one thing is for sure  the vintage undertones and modern overtones in all of the work that Beth makes is simply perfect for a gal like me! And I, for one, covet it all. For more from And Furthermore, click here and for more from the Brenda rose shop, click here.

2 Responses to “Shop of the Day…And Furthermore”
  1. ashlei says:

    those doily clocks are so cool.

  2. sal says:

    i agree with the last commenter. the artwork is pretty unique as well with the fiberglass pieces on top.

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