And the Winners are….


Thanks so much to everyone who entered the latest papernstitch giveaway. And congratulations to the following winners (we were able to have 3 main winners and 2 bonus winners for this giveaway). All winners were chosen randomly from

Main winners will receive a large variety pack of goodies from the latest giveaway (each package has a retail value of around $120). The main winners are:

1. Comment #7:  Jennifer Ladd who said “I love the camper napkins from LeanneGraeff – so cute!”

2. Comment #107: Ricki who said “I love the Sexy Librians pattern from Sublime Stitching.”

3. Comment #166: Danielle XO who said “And snoozerloser’s snooze dust gift certificates are pretty ingenious! We carry their work at my gallery and they are just delightful! Check out this little number.”


And speaking of Snoozer Loser,big thanks to Sonia of SL, who made it possible to have 2 bonus winners for this giveaway by donating a total of 5 SL Gift Certificates (one for each of the main winners and two extras)! Each bonus winner will receive a $10 gift certificate from Snoozer Loser. And the bonus winners are:

1. Comment #213: Julia Carter who said “Simple Vintage’s ceramic gray flower teapot is lovely. I have a soft spot for teacups, saucers, and of course, teapots. This one is beautiful and is definately going on my list for Santa, a.k.a. my dear hubby!!!!”

2. Comment #142: Dianosaurous who said “Happy Owl Glasswork is just amazing! I’d love the chartreuse robin pendant .”

5 Responses to “And the Winners are….”
  1. Yea!! How exciting!! I’m so lucky that I won!

  2. Oh, and should I send you my mailing address??

  3. papernstitch says:

    hey jennifer- i am going to email the winners tomorrow and will get your address then. have a good night.

  4. Julia Carter says:

    Wow! I never win anything!
    Merry Christmas, I feel so lucky!

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