Blog of the Week…Las Coleccionistas


Image c/o Las Coleccionistas

Happy Monday! The blog of the week is Las Coleccionistas. I am blown away by the breathtaking photography I have found on this blog. And although the text is in Spanish (and I cannot read spanish) I find myself visiting this blog over and over and over again. The above image is one my favorites from a recent post on the LC blog.

Las Coleccionistas is a photography studio based in Barcelona formed by three girl photographers. Their main commitment is to tell stories through their images, to achieve a natural, creative and spontaneous style that confers attitude, character and philosophy to our photos. That’s why their projects are the result of a collective and interdisciplinary work, always with the aim to obtain widest and richest contents and perspective.

The girls of Las Coleccionistas are about to open a physical studio in the heart of Barcelona as well!  Make sure you check out their incredible blog here.

2 Responses to “Blog of the Week…Las Coleccionistas”
  1. Obrigado, eu tenho só foi procurando informações sobre isto assunto para idades e o seu é o melhores Tenho descoberto
    até agora . No entanto , sobre o conclusão ? Você é certeza sobre o

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