New Look And URL for Papernstitch Blog

If you have taken a peak at the blog today, you may have noticed that it appears that nothing has changed. “But I thought you said you were doing a re-design,” you might be thinking. We did. 🙂 What I have been waiting to tell everyone is that in addition to the re-design, the papernstitch blog now has a new url:

This is my last post at the wordpress url- ALL FUTURE POSTS WILL BE ON THE NEW PAPERNSTITCH BLOG.

**If you would be so kind to change your links to the papernstitch blog to the new blog url, I would greatly appreciate it.

***If you are already a subscriber, you shouldn’t have to change anything. However if for some reason, you are not receiving your updates (I have 4 scheduled for today- so those posts should be in your reader by the end of the day), then you will want to re-subscribe here.

There were plenty of reasons for the re-design and url change. And I am so excited about the future of this blog. Read what I have to say about it right here. Hope you will continue to keep up with it and help me in spreading the word.

3 Responses to “New Look And URL for Papernstitch Blog”
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