Made of Paper

Images c/o Yulia Brodskaya This artist/ designer, Yulia Brodskaya, has been making the blog rounds recently. I just couldn’t resist re-posting this after seeing Yulia’s work on the Swiss Miss blog. I am speechless- all these images are made from paper! For more from Yulia Brodskaya, click here. Images c/o Yulia Brodskaya Advertisements

Shop of the Day…Gretchen Mist

Our Weekend House and We all Live Peacefully at the Edge of the water Original Several weeks ago I saw this work on Modish and Design for Mankind that I was captivated by. It was all from the shop, Gretchen Mist, which is also the shop of the day today!  Belinda, who makes all of the beautiful … Continue reading

Stitch This

Just found this on Craft:zine, which was via Design for Mankind! “Emily L. Eibel is an illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York who, in addition to some amazing drawings, does gorgeous embroidered illustrations. Some are serene and simple and others have a darker tone.” Wow! Gorgeous work- I love all the detailing in the windows.

Shop of the Day….Yellena

Sunday Print and Arise Print Yellena is the shop of the day today! Love the color schemes of these two pieces in particular. The best part of Yellena’s work (to me) is that it is so recognizable as uniquely Yellena. I would just love to have an entire wall filled with her work. For more … Continue reading

More Sales (artwork edition)!

I’ll be posting sales all day for “Black Friday” (I really dislike this phrase-but whatever). If you have a link to add for you own sale or another that you know of not mentioned here, feel free to add the link in the comments section. 15% off at Ben Conservato (originals and prints) Free shipping … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Flower Press

Turquoise Filigree Linen Tea Towel from Flower Press Flower Press has some of the cutest stuff, including the above tea towel in FP’s newest color: turquoise (which just so happens to be my favorite color). Make sure to visit the Flower Press shop this fabulous Friday morning right here.

Shop of the Day…Royal Buffet

Butterfly Celebration Wreath by Royal Buffet I finally have a little time to post. Today the shop of the day is Royal Buffet, and look what I found in the RB shop! What a lovely wreath…it is really getting me into the holiday spirit. You can check out Royal Buffet’s wonderful paper works here.

Anthropologie just got a Little Better

Image c/o Anthropologie You might remember a post I did a while back on Yellena James. Well, I just saw on Yellena’s blog that her artwork is being featured in a very unique way on Anthropologie’s website. I have never seen anything like this before and am so excited for Yellena. It really looks great! … Continue reading

Paul Koneazny

Drawing 16 by Paul Koneazny and Drawing 17 by Paul Koneazny When I wrote this post on Michael Dotson, I came across this artist: Paul Koneazny. Koneazny graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2006 and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. He has been showing all around Ohio and is now … Continue reading

Ashley Goldberg

1. Hopes and Dreams detail from Ashley G 2. The Neighborhood from Ashley G 3. A Look only you Would Understand from Ashley G 4. Let’s Stay Home from Ashley G 5. HELLO September from Ashley G I have been a long time admirer of Ashley Goldberg’s work (also known as Ashley G of Etsy fame) … Continue reading

The Multi-Talented Anna Ruby King

1. Birds in Line by Anna Ruby King 2. Nesting Material by Anna Ruby King 3. Bitten Grey by Anna Ruby King When I received an email from Anna Ruby King a couple of weeks ago, I was taken aback by not one but two of her shops. The one I am featuring today is … Continue reading

Give me Some Magic Jelly

Your Curiousity’s Gonna Win Us from Magic Jelly and  Stuff No. 1 Gocco Print from Magic Jelly Here are a couple of my favorites from Magic Jelly. If you read this blog regularly, you know I am always on the look out for affordable artwork. So when I stumbled across Karena Colquhoun’s work, I was quite happy. … Continue reading

My Work on Poppytalk

Jan from Poppytalk Handmade posted something nice about my artwork on the Poppytalk blog yesterday. Thanks Jan! By the way, the Home Sweet Home market at Poppytalk is still kickin’ until August 8th. So, check it out if your get a chance. My shop Simple Vintage is part of the market right now, too. Okay, that’s … Continue reading

Pair A Birds

Orson and Melba in the Field of Marshmallows Tabitha from The Pair A Birds makes fun pieces of art rooted in an illustrative style. Compositionally, her works are strong and provide a unique point of view.  And there is definitely a certain sweetness to her pieces. In her shop, you’ll find small drawings, prints, and … Continue reading

Stephanie Levy

Stephanie Levy, an American Artist living in Germany, produces colorful and all-around cheerful works of art. Her mixed media approach often combines watercolor, collage, ink, and acrylic.  1. Retro Look 2. Detail of London 3. White Sangria 4. Chelsea 5. Detail of Wohnzimmer While Levy’s subject matter sticks mainly to interiors, it is still able to incorporate … Continue reading

Argyle Whale is…

Hawt Gocco Print (I just bought this one-love it!) Argyle Whale is the brainchild of Elise Snow and includes a shop, blog, and website. Elise’s work is delightfully humorous, adorable, and affordable. Her gocco prints, paintings, and cards depict various animals and elements of nature.  1. Scarf Bunny Journal 2. Jackalope Customizable Card Set 3. Fiesta … Continue reading

In Stitches

Austrailian artist, Little Miss Mozzie from Vinegar and Brown Paper makes incredibly intricate works of art with antique Japanese papers and a needle and thread. Her hand-stitched imagery depicts scenes inspired by her trip to Kyoto.  Infusing materials from the past into layered imagery of the present, gives these works of art a nostalgic but … Continue reading