Blog of the Week…Las Coleccionistas

Image c/o Las Coleccionistas Happy Monday! The blog of the week is Las Coleccionistas. I am blown away by the breathtaking photography I have found on this blog. And although the text is in Spanish (and I cannot read spanish) I find myself visiting this blog over and over and over again. The above image … Continue reading

Blog of the Week..Treasuring

The blog of the week is Treasuring, which is run by super talented artist, Jessica Gonacha. Jessica’s style is really close to my own and everytime I visit her blog, I find new artists and makers that I had never heard of before. And then, I immediately add them to my expanding Christmas list of … Continue reading

Blog of the Week…Orange you Lucky!

The blog of the week is the always colorful, always inspiring Orange you Lucky! It’s run by Helen Dardik, who is one talented lady. She makes toys, paintings, does pattern design,and also illustration! How does she find time to blog? On the Orange you Lucky blog, you will find a little bit of everything: giveaways, … Continue reading

Blog of the week…No Biting Wolfie (Wolfie and the Sneak)

This week’s blog of the week is bittersweet. I just adore everything from Wolfie and the Sneak shop– unfortunately the shop is closing on December 31st. 😦 The W and S blog is also excellent, which is why it is landing the blog of the week spot. If you are looking for great posts about … Continue reading

Blog of the Week…Rachel Kester: Distractions

The blog of the week is Rachel Kester: Distractions…an always inspirational fashion blog. Check it out right here.

Blog of the Week…This Chicken

I actually just found the blog of the week, This Chicken, a couple of days ago by chance. Rebecca was one of the winners of the Mega Giveaway and I followed the link from her comment back to her blog- and it’s really neat! But that’s not all- I also discovered that Rebecca is a … Continue reading

Blog of the Week…HouseMartin

Happy Monday! The blog of the week is HouseMartin, an inspiring blog about home decor, floral design, and more. Go check it out right here.

Blog of the Week…Something’s Hiding in Here

This week’s blog of the week is one that you are probably already familiar with, but I just couldn’t resist some blog love to one of the most inspirational blogs ever: Something’ Hiding in Here! Shauna and Stephen keep the blog well updated with their latest works, updates from their shop, and generally awesome events … Continue reading

Blog of the Week….

Will Bryant, a senior graphic design student at Mississippi State, is popping up all over the place with his illustration work and hand-written type. He was even recently named one of the top ten design sites by HOW, and he is 22 years old! Wow! For more from Will Bryant, visit his website or blog.

Blog of the Week

I just found the My Love for You blog a week or so ago, and it is already in my top 3 blogs. I REALLY love this one! After finding the My Love blog for the first time through another blog (sorry, I can’t remember which one because I read so many), I browsed around … Continue reading

Blog of the Week

This week’s blog is probably one that most of you already know, but I couldn’t resist. It’s Pikaland! I have following Amy’s blog religiously because she has one of the best blogs to find quality illustrators and artists. I am never disappointed with what I find there and you won’t be either. Click here to … Continue reading

Blog of the Week…Dear Ada

Images c/o Dear Ada I have been slacking on the blog of the week lately, so i wanted to start this week off on the right foot. About a year ago, I had two friends in one week recommend that I read the Dear Ada blog. Each one mentioned separately to me that the site … Continue reading