Gift Guide- Yellow!

1. Tulips Artwork from Blue Tricycle 2. Waking Up Print from Jessica Jonacha 3. Psychic Star Owl Print from Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress 4. Lemonia Necklace from Nea It has been so long since I have done a color round-up, and I have been really into yellow lately. So, here is a special gift guide (the … Continue reading

Color Contrast

Left. Bauhaus Printed T-Shirt by Mociun Top Right. Ivana Helsinki Aurora Dress Bottom Right. Ivana Helsinki Diamond Printed Coin Purses Beklina is on fire lately with some incredible color-popping finds! My favorite? I don’t even know. I love them all. But, I guess I especially enjoy the color contrasts in the t-shirt and coin purses. For more … Continue reading

Queen Bee Fannies

So let’s say that you have a “friend” and that friend has been talking about how he wishes fanny packs were cool, so that he wouldn’t feel so bad buying one. And let’s say that I kept assuring said “friend” that fannies are cool and he should totally get one!  1. Hello Hip Holster from … Continue reading

Stephanie Levy

Stephanie Levy, an American Artist living in Germany, produces colorful and all-around cheerful works of art. Her mixed media approach often combines watercolor, collage, ink, and acrylic.  1. Retro Look 2. Detail of London 3. White Sangria 4. Chelsea 5. Detail of Wohnzimmer While Levy’s subject matter sticks mainly to interiors, it is still able to incorporate … Continue reading

Color Scheme: Turquoise Blue and Red

I have been drawn to the way red and turquoise look when paired together recently. So, I thought I would round up some of my favorites that fit within this color scheme. First up, is a sweetheart bustier dress from Fred Flare. It has hidden pockets! Second is the Rendezvous Dress is from Mod Cloth. … Continue reading