Charlotte Pin from Paper Flower Girl and Simple Tote- Branch Olive from Jaturon I am slightly obsessed with both of these items right now. I love the combination of boyish charm in the compass mixed with the girliness of the bow in that charlotte pin. And the green simplistic print on the Jaturon tote is … Continue reading

& & & & &

The Super Ampersand from Lorem and Ipsum A couple of days ago, Jeff introduced me to this site, House Industries, and he showed me this tote bag. I was so excited and thought I should put together an ampersand round-up. I found some awesome stuff and even came across a great blog called The Ampersand in … Continue reading

Birds of a Feather

I have a little post up on the Scoutie Girl blog with a feathers round-up. You check it out right here to see the makers of these fab feather finds.

Fabulous Fashions Gift Guide

Left. The Phoebe (Scarlet) by Snoozer Loser Right. Green Acorn Necklace by Nea, Canvas Market Tote by Jautron, and Birdland Necklace by Paige Russell With the start of a new exhibition, I always like to hunt around for an hour or so (or more) and take a GOOD look at EVERYTHING on the site. I … Continue reading

Paper Flower Girl Exclusive Discount

Left. Sunrise Earrings and Lost Button Necklace-001 Right. Vintage Roses Necklace Isis from Paper Flower Girl jewelry shop is offering papernstitch readers an exclusive discount! Yippee- who doesn’t love discounts during the money-crunch of the holiday season (and this year in general for that matter).  The sale runs though Sunday, Decmber 15th. And is good … Continue reading

Even More Sales

Buy one get one 50% off at Dollface Design (art prints) 50% off of best sellers at Lily Pad Lounge (vintage and supplies) Free shipping on holiday cards and buy one get one free on note sets at Paper Managerie (paper goods) 10% off order over $30 at Middle is Gold (jewelry) Free shipping and 50-70% … Continue reading


House Cameo Pin from Crafty Folk Well, it’s Friday. And it has been a long week. So, I am quite thankful to have a couple of days to relax and just hang out over the weekend doing nothing. To wrap up the day, I thought I would leave you with something I found on the papernstitch … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Tinctory

Top (left to right). Cipher and Purple Velvet Bottom (left to right). Aztec Ring and Pearl Earrings Tinctory is the shop of the day today! And if you are looking for a VERY unique gift for the holidays, look no further. I have never seen anything like the jewelry in the Tinctory shop- artfully crafted … Continue reading

Jewelry Gift Guide

1. Rose Ring from Plum and Sage 2. Dangle Earrings 17 from Nea 3. Embers from Tinctory 4. Michelle Flower Pendant Necklace from Nest Pretty Things 5. Carved Lace Necklace from Paper Flower Girl 6. Birdland Small from Paige Russell The holidays are fast approaching, and I am planning on doing the bulk of my shopping … Continue reading


1. Cashmere Feather Earrings from Adventures of Jr 2. Feather Rubber Stamp from Nora Jane 3. Feather Necklace from Samantha Rose 4. Owl Print from Sharon Montrose 5. Naked Peacock Feathers Vase from Bailey Doesn’t Bark It’s all about feather’s today. And I am really loving this roundup. What I love most about using feathers … Continue reading

Mega Giveaway!

UPDATED on 11/10: The first papernstitch exhibition celebration giveaway is finally here!!! And I am positively thrilled to bring this giveaway to you today. I am so thankful to all the wonderful and talented artists and makers who have donated work for this. I have been drooling over all the packages that have been coming … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Nea

Red Poppies Wall Wear by Nea Janick of Nea is a very kind lady, who happens to be extremely talented as well. I am excited to have her as the shop of the day today. Janick’s simplistically, gorgeous Neawear (jewelry and wallwear) makes me smile. And I hope it will do the same for you. … Continue reading

Beads in the Belfry

Flower Vase in the Window Necklace and My Personal Garden Cocktail Ring I received an email from Nina of Beads in the Belfry, who let me know about her unique jewelry line. Here’s what Nina had to say about the line: The mission of this line is to provide beautiful jewelry combining sophistication with a … Continue reading

Studio Morphologie

Inked Chartreuse and Flown Series, Peacock and Pecan One of the best things about the papernstitch website thus far for me has been the people that I have “met” through the site. Amy Henderson, of Morphologie and Aqua Velvet, is one of the people that I have been fortunate enough to correspond back and fourth … Continue reading

Trash to Treasure

Tennis Racket + Blank Wall = ???. I found these great vintage tennis rackets a couple of days ago at a thrift store. I actual purchased three, but they’re not all pictured. Anyway, I had no idea what I was going to do these guys, but I decided to bring them home and I thought … Continue reading


Left to right. Marge Screen-Print Medium, Engraved Vine Front Earring, and Marge Screen-Print Large I love buying jewelry online. And I have found another site that has a great selection. It’s called Early Jewelry. Kylie Earlene Grater, creator of Early Jewelry, is making these gorgeous pieces that combine natural materials with unexpected pattern and design. … Continue reading

Line and Shape

Left to right. Dodecahedron Necklace, The Pyramid Necklace, and The Cube II Necklace  Recently in my beginning drawing classes, I have been teaching my students about the elements of art. Seeing the projects that my they are working on has really inspired me. And I have noticed that I’ve been drawn to simple lines and … Continue reading

Flowers are Sprouting

Left to right. Super Ivory Cream Ring and Vintage Gold Toned Daisy Bobby Pins I apparently have a thing for flower accessories today. When I was browsing the Sprout Studio shop today, I well in love with the playful colors of these rings. Once I browsed around the shop a little more, I found these. … Continue reading

Lila Ruby King

Black Petals by Lila Ruby King You may remember this post I did about artist Anna Ruby King last week. I eluded to her other work in that post and loved it so much, I just had to do another post. Today, I am focusing on Anna’s jewelry line that is called Lila Ruby King. … Continue reading


Whale Necklace by Sirena con Jersey from Dudua, Brownie by Malota from Dudua, and Rainbow Tote Bag by Lala Ladcani from Dudua Dudua has some really cool stuff in their shop right now. These are a few of my favorites. I especially like Brownie, the plushie. So cute!