Lu Lu Licious

Modern Shapes Letterpress Print and Modern Stones Letterpress Print While searching on Etsy the other night, I found this letterpress print shop, Luludee. Its one of those shops that I feel like I visited before or posted about before, so I searched the site but it turns out I haven’t, so I thought now would … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Gretchen Mist

Our Weekend House and We all Live Peacefully at the Edge of the water Original Several weeks ago I saw this work on Modish and Design for Mankind that I was captivated by. It was all from the shop, Gretchen Mist, which is also the shop of the day today!  Belinda, who makes all of the beautiful … Continue reading

Dress up your Walls

Here are a few of my favorite works of art (some prints, some originals)  from the newest papernstitch exhibition. There are so many great art pieces on the site right now! You can check them all all out by visiting the art category right here.

Just Listed

Let’s Go in Together Print and Tools of the Trade Print While browsing around one of my favorite artist’s shop, Betsy Walton, I stumbled upon these two newly listed prints. I have never seen them before, so I am assuming they are new. I first noticed them because of their simplistic background and intriguing compositions. … Continue reading

Shop of the Day….Yellena

Sunday Print and Arise Print Yellena is the shop of the day today! Love the color schemes of these two pieces in particular. The best part of Yellena’s work (to me) is that it is so recognizable as uniquely Yellena. I would just love to have an entire wall filled with her work. For more … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Cindy Tomczyk Art

Left to right. Two Deer Woddgrain Print, Bluegrass Birds on Tile Green, and Miss Mabel Print Cindy Tomczyk is a talented artist and the shop of the day. She attended the Ringling College of Art + Design, where she majored in Illustration with a minor in Photography. Cindy now lives and works in Chicago, where she works … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Selflesh

Warm Heart Limited Edition Print and Visionary Limited Edition Print Today’s shop of the day is Selflesh! Goodness- I love Shannon’s work. She is just so talented and her unique works literally could not be more perfect for papernstitch (her work obviously utilizes paper as a material AND is embroidered)- paper and stitch- get it? … Continue reading

Flex your Muscul

Chic@ and A4 Prints I received an email from Joaquina last week about a project she has been working on with her sister, Elisa, called Musculcat. It is a collaboration between the two sisters…Both girls studied fine arts, Elisa finished in Munchen Joaquina is in Spain. They have been working together in some capacity for … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Janice Jong

The Orange Box from Janice Jong This print from Janice Jong of cluttered mail boxes is so cool. I love the complimentary color scheme and simple line drawing. Very nice! For more from Janice Jong, click here to visit Janice’s lovely shop.

Shop of the Day…Summersville

Totem Hand-Screenprinted Fabric by Summersville The shop of the day today is Summersville! Lucy, who runs the shop and makes everything in it, is quite the talent (as you can see). Not only does she run the Summerville shop, she also has a shop called LuSummers, that showcases her lovely artwork! Based on the posts … Continue reading

Mega Giveaway!

UPDATED on 11/10: The first papernstitch exhibition celebration giveaway is finally here!!! And I am positively thrilled to bring this giveaway to you today. I am so thankful to all the wonderful and talented artists and makers who have donated work for this. I have been drooling over all the packages that have been coming … Continue reading

Ashley G Sale

A Moment of Solitude by Ashley G I was reading Kitty Genius last night and found out that Ashley G is having a sale on her prints until 11:59pm tonight. Buy two prints get one free! I have been dying to snag some of Ashey’s work, and this offer seems too good to pass up. … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Yellena

Thistle Print by Yellena I have posted about Yellena’s beautiful work before, and I am so excited to be able to name her the shop of the day today! Yellena has such a wonderful color palette and the shapes she creates in her work remind me of nature. You can check out her work right here.


Maya in Fall and Libre Comme L’oiseau (Free as a Bird) Happy Friday everybody! I am so excited that the weekend is here…I am ready for it! I wanted to jump start the day with some adorable paper goodies and prints from Matilou. I received an email from Anne last week about her shop, and … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Dolan Geiman

Sweet Geometree Box Print Triptych by Dolan Geiman Well, it is probably safe to say that unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last year or two, you are already familiar with the artist from the shop of the day today: it’s Dolan Geiman! Dolan makes absolutely stunning works of art, as … Continue reading

Pretty Bird

Bird Speak Print by Kate Wilson I am just LOVING these pieces by Kate Wilson that I found on the Hannah Zakari site, especially the one above. I am a little speechless right now because I didn’t know of Kate or her work until today, but I am really taken by the simple imagery. Here are … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Shirae

Forest by Shirae Shira Sela’s shop, Shirae is the shop of the day. Try to say that five times fast. Shira’s prints are so lovely. And they are definitely worth a looksy. You can find more goodie in her shop, right here. Kite by Shirae

Shop of the Day…John Murphy

You Being Here Changes Everything and Seeing is Believing 4 John Murphy is the shop of the day! His photographs are so gorgeous and each print comes with a hand-finished frame that compliments the work inside. Nice! For more from John Murphy, visit him here or here.

New Prints at I Am Still Alive

Census by Dan Funderburgh at I am Still Alive I just received an email that I am Still Alive has some great new prints on their site! And they are awesome. I am particularly blown away by the prints from Dan Funderburgh. The repeated patterns are quite nice.  Gravity’s Rainbow by Dan Funderburgh at I … Continue reading

Great Finds on Folksy

Tea Time Screen Print by Lucy Player Folksy is quickly becoming an excellent resource for incredible handmade products. I have been visiting quite frequently as of late, and must say that I am ALWAYS able to find something great with the click of a button. I have rounded up some of my favs for you … Continue reading