Shop of the Day…The Cellophanes

 Left. Terranauts Print and Digi Right. Sheetrock Sky Look at these great pieces from The Cellophanes (the shop of the day). Last night I was trying to catch up on some work late at night and saw that The Cellophanes shop had been updated with tons of great new prints. Love them! You simply must … Continue reading

Sale- Stephanie Levy

20% discount on all prints in Stephanie Levy’s new collection ordered between Friday, November 28th and Monday, December 1st. Just write “SALE” in the message box at checkout. Instead of paying immediately with PayPal, proceed to checkout and she will send you a revised invoice.

Shop of the Day…English Cookies

Top. The Handmade Serie-Painting Card and Lead the Parade Postcard Bottom. Seeds Print and The Handmade Serie- Weaving Card Today’s shop of the day is English Cookies, a wonderful paper goods shop stocked with prints and cards that are simple but sweet. Karin, creator of English Cookies, has been a graphic designer/illustrator for more than 16 years … Continue reading

Shop of the Day (weekend edition)

La Mano from Essimar Well, I was so busy this weekend, I wasn’t able to do shop of the day posts for Saturday and Sunday. So, I am doing them now (just a little late). Essimar has such beautiful work. I can’t even tell you how many of her gorgeous hand-cut paper pieces have already … Continue reading

Shop of the Day…Mimi

Absence No. 12 Michele Bosak’s shop, Mimi is the shop of the day. Michele’s clean compositions and imagery lend itself to the modern objects that she often displays in her work (including that fab orange chair). For more from Michele Bosak, click here for her papernstitch storefront, here for her Etsy shop, or here for … Continue reading

Studio Morphologie

Inked Chartreuse and Flown Series, Peacock and Pecan One of the best things about the papernstitch website thus far for me has been the people that I have “met” through the site. Amy Henderson, of Morphologie and Aqua Velvet, is one of the people that I have been fortunate enough to correspond back and fourth … Continue reading

Giveaway Reminder

Just a reminder that if you haven’t signed up for the giveaway yet, there is still some time to enter. All you have to do is add a comment to this post for a chance to win. What will you win? Click here to find out.

Paper N Stitch Giveaway

The first ever Paper N Stitch giveaway is here! To celebrate our 200th post AND the upcoming launch of Paper N Stitch the website, I am giving away artwork to not one, but two lucky winners. So, what will you win? Each winner will receive a package with 2 small, signed and numbered etchings, 1 … Continue reading

Tiny Showcase

French Film by Ian Dingman and Untitled by Julie Morstad both from Tiny Showcase Today I am into muted colors and when I came across these two prints from Tiny Showcase I was pretty excited. Tiny Showcase always has a great selection of prints from different artists to choose from, but most sell out quickly, … Continue reading

Wayne Pate

Left to right. Tulips Tote from Wayne Pate and Tribal Polka Dots Tote from Wayne Pate I have always liked the Wayne Pate website, Good Shape Design and so I thought I would showcase a couple of lovelies from the shop. What I like about all the items in this round up is the fact … Continue reading

Numbers Game

Left to right. Flickr photo from M.O.M.O. and Flickr photo from O!Rachew! I have been waiting for the right time to post about the numerous (hehe) numbers goodies I have been bookmarking lately. And I think I have rounded-up enough now. So, here we go… 1. I Can Count to Eight Print from Yumi Yumi 2. … Continue reading

Lab Partners

Images provided by Lab Partners Sarah and Ryan = Lab Partners, a small design and illustration studio. As you can see, this duo makes very sweet prints in sunny San Francisco. The strong illustrations in all of the prints created by Lab Partners are what make them so popular.  Field Trip II Screenprint from Lab … Continue reading


No. 6 (plane) by William Lamson at 20×200 I just popped over to 20×200 this morning. I hadn’t visited in a while. As usual, they are showcasing some great talents. Here are a few of my favorites.  Birds of a Feather by Echo Eggebrecht at 20×200 Left to right. White-Crowned Sparrow by Todd R. Forsgren … Continue reading

Yellin’ from the Rooftops…Yellena!

Image provided by Giant Robot from Periphery show of Yellena James’ work Holy Crapoly! Yellena James is on fire. I have been following Yellena’s work for a while now, but when I started researching her more for this post, I was blown away by all that I found. This girl is busting her butt with a … Continue reading

Pair A Birds

Orson and Melba in the Field of Marshmallows Tabitha from The Pair A Birds makes fun pieces of art rooted in an illustrative style. Compositionally, her works are strong and provide a unique point of view.  And there is definitely a certain sweetness to her pieces. In her shop, you’ll find small drawings, prints, and … Continue reading

Argyle Whale is…

Hawt Gocco Print (I just bought this one-love it!) Argyle Whale is the brainchild of Elise Snow and includes a shop, blog, and website. Elise’s work is delightfully humorous, adorable, and affordable. Her gocco prints, paintings, and cards depict various animals and elements of nature.  1. Scarf Bunny Journal 2. Jackalope Customizable Card Set 3. Fiesta … Continue reading

Weekend Sale

Before I leave today, I wanted to leave you with the beautiful work of Hadley Hutton. HH sells prints and original encaustic works and is having a wonderful sale this weekend… 10% off your entire order (excluding shipping) or buy two prints, get a third for free! Check out the Hadley Hutton shop here.

Pretty Pretty Prints

Fighting Geese Print by Andrea Shear from Little Paper Planes I love the accessibility of prints. Its such a great way for people just starting to collect artwork, to have a piece that they love, without spending an arm and a leg. Personally, I have some smaller originals by artists I love, and for artists … Continue reading

Elle Moss Photography

Equus from ElleMoss My background is in painting and I am always thinking and looking at the overall imagery in artwork, whether it be a paintings, an installation, sculpture, etc. So when it comes to photography, I tend to be attracted to work that has a strong image and tells a story. Recently, I found … Continue reading