Gift Wrap Tutorial for Type Lovers

Here is another wonderful idea from Laura of Lupin! This one I am DEFINITELY going to use because I have some loved ones that are pretty interested obsessed with type. Again, make sure to check out Laura’s shop, right here and blog right here! Take it away Laura (I just love having her as a … Continue reading

Fantastic Font

1. You are not Everything by Luceee 2. Helvetica Typeface Exploration by UnaOdd 3. Hello I Love You Print by Juliapott 4. Feeling it Out by Mike Perry Living with a graphic designer, I have come to appreciate type in a way I never thought possible. Of course, I am nowhere near as obsessed as … Continue reading

Uppercase Gallery

Images provided by Uppercase Gallery Journal Type is something that I didn’t think about all that much before I met my FH. Since then, I have come a long way. And now, I find myself seeking out interesting type and, of course, always look forward to Type Tuesdays at Uppercase Gallery.  Images provided by Uppercase … Continue reading

Alive and Well

All We Are Saying print from I am Still Alive Three Days Worth of Weather print from I am Still Alive I Am Still Alive has some stylin’ prints. I was planning on getting someone special this print, but now if I do, I will have ruined the surprise. Hmm…what to do. What to do. For more from … Continue reading