Charlotte Pin from Paper Flower Girl and Simple Tote- Branch Olive from Jaturon I am slightly obsessed with both of these items right now. I love the combination of boyish charm in the compass mixed with the girliness of the bow in that charlotte pin. And the green simplistic print on the Jaturon tote is … Continue reading


Black Houndstooth Tote Bag and Green Damask Tote Bag Check out these bright and bold designs from Leafbrand. Both prints are pretty popular right now. And at less than $10 a piece, you could snag a couple and use one as a purse, grocery bag, beach bag, etc (anything really). Visit the Leafbrand shop, right … Continue reading

Hey…It’s Horses!

Image c/o Chocosho Three or four months ago I bought the bag above by Alena Hennessey at a store right around the corner from my house called Violet. I have been using it as a general tote bag for books, etc while lugging around multiple bags at work. Anyway, I love it (I get tons … Continue reading

Wayne Pate

Left to right. Tulips Tote from Wayne Pate and Tribal Polka Dots Tote from Wayne Pate I have always liked the Wayne Pate website, Good Shape Design and so I thought I would showcase a couple of lovelies from the shop. What I like about all the items in this round up is the fact … Continue reading