Gift Guide- Yellow!

1. Tulips Artwork from Blue Tricycle 2. Waking Up Print from Jessica Jonacha 3. Psychic Star Owl Print from Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress 4. Lemonia Necklace from Nea It has been so long since I have done a color round-up, and I have been really into yellow lately. So, here is a special gift guide (the … Continue reading

Mellow Yellow

Left to right. Todd Oldham Culinary Creation from FTD and Bright Notebook from Romp I love yellow, especially golden yellow! I’ve been bookmarking all my favorite yellow goodies lately and since I haven’t done a color round-up all week that I can remember, I am now.  1. Twelfth Street Pleated Bib Halter Dress from Standard Deviation … Continue reading

Long Live GG

I am always browsing the internet for interesting people and things to write about. And a couple of days ago, I found Dear Diary, which is a Pretty Good Things blog. Mary, who runs both of these goodies, posted about a secret love of mine: The Golden Girls! Anyone that knows me well, has heard … Continue reading