Domesticate Me

Alright, you may have already seen this duo making the blog rounds, showcasing their amazing hanging teacup lights. It is Maureen and Trish from Domestic Construction. And they do PLENTY more than make teacup lights (which would be cool enough on its own). 

Maureen and Trish met while attending SCAD, in the fabric department and eventually started Domestic Construction (DC for our purposes). DC is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in interiors, environments and one of a kind fashion and home products.

I am loving the wall surface treatments they are creating! The first image is a close up of a tea and honey installation that they refer to as a surface prototype, which consists of 1300 glass bottles filled and attached to the wall. Number 2 is called The Stitch Project, which is made up of 10,000 one inch squares cut from reused scraps. For more images and info about these surface projects, click here.

I love the third image: such a great outfit. Love the colors! It was made from gathered vintage linens. And look at that studio shot with all that fabric in image four. It is so neatly organized and color-coated, I just want to hop in there and mess it all up. For more one of a kind fashions from DC, click here.

And of course, I just can’t wrap this up without talking about their Ted Tea Lights. This is a clustered version, which I prefer over one strand. The more the merrier, I say. Check out Domestic Construction’s etsy shop, here.

One Response to “Domesticate Me”
  1. sarah says:

    Those tea lights are so cool! I will have to go check out their store. Thanks for sharing this.

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