Guest Post on Monday

Monday, I will have a guest post from my brother, Brandon, who has been living in Germany for the last few months and is coming back in just a couple of days. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the fantastic pictures he took while he was there. Make sure to check out the post … Continue reading

It’s Pear-ific

Yummy Pear Petit Collage from Supermarket Pears are one of my favorite fruits, so I thought it only right to round up my favorite pear pieces. I am really diggin’ Petit Collage, so be on the lookout for another post about them soon. Until then, enjoy the pear goodness. 1. Pear Nesting Dolls Print by … Continue reading

Queen Bee Fannies

So let’s say that you have a “friend” and that friend has been talking about how he wishes fanny packs were cool, so that he wouldn’t feel so bad buying one. And let’s say that I kept assuring said “friend” that fannies are cool and he should totally get one!  1. Hello Hip Holster from … Continue reading

The Beauty of Aelisheva

1. Black Dress by Aelisheva from Smashing Darling 2. Tan Dress from Aelisheva 3. Black Dress from Aelisheva Simple and Sophisticated. These dresses from Aelisheva are gorgeous. Perfect for a party and I think #1 and 2 would easily work for day as well. Each piece is individually hand-crafted and the line is based out … Continue reading

Reasons Why I Love DaWanda

DaWanda just launched their Summer in the City feature, which has five different categories of handmade, summer-themed goodies from tons of very talented makers! I have really been diggin’ DaWanda lately. Don’t get me wrong, I love Etsy too, but I think there is plenty of room for both. Don’t you? I have some posts coming … Continue reading

New CB2 in San Francisco

The ad says tomorrow but what they really mean is today (I got this yesterday, so that’s why it says tomorrow. Because tomorrow is today. Make sense? No? Fine, you win.). So, the new San Fran CB2 opens today. Sadly, I don’t live anywhere near San Francisco anymore. But if I did, I would probably … Continue reading

Apartment Therapy Inspiration

1. House Tour from Apartment Therapy 2. From Scary but Creative from Apartment Therapy I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from AT lately, and these images in particular are of interest to me. Although they are very different, they are very similar: namely the silhouettes that are created. In image one, the elaborate frames … Continue reading

Another Opportunity to be in a Book

Bookends available at Simple Vintage You may have seen this post for a book opportunity feature with Vickie Howell. Well, I stumbled across another one! This one is for a book called Print and Pattern, which will be published by Lawrence King. This book will “celebrate the creativity in surface design and stationery today. We’ll … Continue reading

Alive and Well

All We Are Saying print from I am Still Alive Three Days Worth of Weather print from I am Still Alive I Am Still Alive has some stylin’ prints. I was planning on getting someone special this print, but now if I do, I will have ruined the surprise. Hmm…what to do. What to do. For more from … Continue reading


Rock Scissors Paper is having a 20% off summer sale event off everything in their store! Those tote bags are from the shop and are just a couple of my favorites. The sale ends tonight at midnight, so don’t delay. Thanks to Creature Comforts for the scoop.

Blog I’m Lovin’

Cake Stands from Clara French I absolutely love these cake stands by Clara French. I found them randomly one day, while looking for wedding cake inspirations. They are fun and a little bit whimsical and if you are afraid to commit to purchasing one, you can actually rent them for special events! So why is … Continue reading

Pair A Birds

Orson and Melba in the Field of Marshmallows Tabitha from The Pair A Birds makes fun pieces of art rooted in an illustrative style. Compositionally, her works are strong and provide a unique point of view.  And there is definitely a certain sweetness to her pieces. In her shop, you’ll find small drawings, prints, and … Continue reading

Stephanie Levy

Stephanie Levy, an American Artist living in Germany, produces colorful and all-around cheerful works of art. Her mixed media approach often combines watercolor, collage, ink, and acrylic.  1. Retro Look 2. Detail of London 3. White Sangria 4. Chelsea 5. Detail of Wohnzimmer While Levy’s subject matter sticks mainly to interiors, it is still able to incorporate … Continue reading

Over my Head

Little Joseph Candle Holder from Generate Design I love these! They’re kinda kitsch, kinda creepy, kinda funny. Perfect. Personally, I think it looks best with the candle wax dripping over it like hair.

Convertible Clothing

I love the idea of convertible clothing, especially if you are trying to cut down on your consumption or if you have a very small closet. I found this in one of my endless Etsy searches: a shrug that converts to a shawl and a scarf!  This convertible piece is from Studio YTE. It looks so cute … Continue reading

Want to be featured in a book?

Found this colorful image on flickr c/o Kathryn Ivy. Here’s Kathryn’s website. Vickie Howell (author of Knit Aid, Not Another Teen Knitting Book, and New Knits on the Block) is writing a new book entitled Craft Corps and she is looking for crafters to feature (about 50-60 profiles total) in it. All types of crafters (knitting, … Continue reading

Argyle Whale is…

Hawt Gocco Print (I just bought this one-love it!) Argyle Whale is the brainchild of Elise Snow and includes a shop, blog, and website. Elise’s work is delightfully humorous, adorable, and affordable. Her gocco prints, paintings, and cards depict various animals and elements of nature.  1. Scarf Bunny Journal 2. Jackalope Customizable Card Set 3. Fiesta … Continue reading

Decor 8 Redesign

The long anticipated Decor 8 redesign is finally here. Take a look.

O is for Orange

After I wrote this post, I knew I had to do an all orange board. I tried to include a little bit of everything. I think this is one of my favorite color boards so far. Enjoy! 1. Orange Convertible Sofa from Urban Outfitters 2. Kristina Orange Skirt from Heidi Merrick 3. Petra Necklace from … Continue reading

In Stitches

Austrailian artist, Little Miss Mozzie from Vinegar and Brown Paper makes incredibly intricate works of art with antique Japanese papers and a needle and thread. Her hand-stitched imagery depicts scenes inspired by her trip to Kyoto.  Infusing materials from the past into layered imagery of the present, gives these works of art a nostalgic but … Continue reading