Flex your Muscul


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I received an email from Joaquina last week about a project she has been working on with her sister, Elisa, called Musculcat. It is a collaboration between the two sisters…Both girls studied fine arts, Elisa finished in Munchen Joaquina is in Spain. They have been working together in some capacity for some time, whether it be bouncing ideas off of each other and giving suggestions or otherwise. And now they have officially joined forces to create the art team, Musculcat


Left (top and bottom) and then right. Methacrilate Painting from Joaquina Garrote Gasch, Watercolour Painting from Joaquina Garrote Gasch, and Quiniela from  Joaquina Garrote Gasch

I was so excited to discover both Elisa’s and Joaquina’s wonderful artwork. I had never seen it before, but I certainly won’t forget it now, with its uniquely animated portraits and patterned backgrounds and details. Not only do they have great artwork, Musculcat has a variety of other items available as well- everything from skateboard decks to calendars. Go check out their shop right here and take a look for yourself.


2009 Kalender (two detail images)

2 Responses to “Flex your Muscul”
  1. Amy says:

    what fantastic work. love their calendar, very clever!

  2. sara says:

    That calendar is great. Where can I get one?

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